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Lynn Strongin Dodds


Lynn has reported on most aspects of the market, global regulatory matters, fintech impacting the front, middle and back office as well as the continually changing banking and fund management industries.

Latest From Lynn Strongin Dodds

Clearing the Air – the Both Sides of the Active Account Mandate

Lynn Strongin Dodds looks at the ongoing debate and discussions over the European Commission’s EMIR 3 clearing proposals. Central clearing has always been a contentious subject in the eurozone so it is no surprise that the European Commission’...

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FCM Revival – Clearing Sees Growth Potential in Today’s Market

Lynn Strongin Dodds looks at how FCMs are taking advantage of the higher interest rate environment and how the derivatives central clearing space is impacted. Although the tighter monetary policy of the past year has hampered certain sections ...

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The Error of Margin is Back on the Table

Lynn Strongin Dodds looks at the ongoing debate about margin procyclicality at CCPs and the renewed actions of regulators It is far from surprising that the recent spate of volatility has refocused regulators minds on the fissures in the finan...

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APAC OTC Derivatives Reporting Rules – In Harmony But With A Few Twists

Lynn Strongin Dodds looks at how APAC's main financial service hubs are grappling with the challenges in complying with the revisions to the OTC derivatives reporting rules. The global financial crisis may be 15 years ago, but the repercussion...

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Cybersecurity in Derivatives: Emerging Regulation

Cybersecurity is in the spotlight this year for the derivatives industry after recent cyber events that impacted the market participants. Lynn Strongin Dodds assesses the status quo of cybersecurity in the derivatives industry including emerging ...

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TMX Going Global: Making its Mark Beyond Canada

The Montreal Exchange has global ambitions. In a DerivSource profile, Lynn Strongin Dodds speaks to Luc Fortin, president and ceo, Montreal Exchange and global head of trading at TMX Group to learn more about how the Canadian exchange group is b...

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Derivatives Clearing in Europe: Wrinkles Still Need Ironing Out

The derivatives central clearing space continues to evolve in post-Brexit world with new road bumps emerging. Lynn Strongin Dodds explores the challenges market participants face this year as the industry seeks clarification on next steps. The...

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2023 Outlook: Risk, Regulation & Digitalisation Centre Stage

Looking ahead to 2023, Lynn Strongin Dodds explores how risk, ongoing regulatory change and digitalisation initiatives will be the focus for the derivatives and post-trade industry. As 2022 demonstrates, predicting the future is never an easy ...

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