FinTech Sandbox is pleased to announce today a partnership with Euromoney TRADEDATA, a leader in providing trusted reference data solutions to the global future and options industry. Euromoney TRADEDATA will provide data to promising startups selected by FinTech Sandbox for use in the development and testing of a wide range of exciting and transformational products and services.

Nonprofit FinTech Sandbox promotes innovation in the financial sector by making data and infrastructure available to well-qualified FinTech startups at the point when access is most impactful. Sandbox startups, in return, collaborate with current and past residents, sharing learnings and advancements that benefit the FinTech ecosystem. Participating startups pay no fees and no equity is taken.

Euromoney TRADEDATA is making four data products available to FinTech Sandbox participants via API:

  • ConSpex delivers reference data built to specific needs for data item, asset class and exchange coverage requirements, supported through its proven community data model which, for over two decades, has lowered both cost and just as importantly, risk for the industry.
  • RegXone ensures the data attributes that are mandated for regulatory trade reporting are available in reference data files, built to specific needs for asset class and exchange coverage requirements, and are compliant with relevant regulatory technical specifications.
  • Calendar’s fully symbol mapped data ensures the distribution of mission critical trade dates across multiple trading platforms from the front to the back office and enables middle office professionals to keep on top of trading dates and still have time to actively manage client portfolios without missing a trade execution.
  • Xymbology provides a trusted, fully symbol-mapped, golden copy securities master file, including exchange, industry, front office, middle office, back office, market data, post trade and regulatory reporting identifiers.

According to Mark Woolfenden, Euromoney TRADEDATA Managing Director, “Had we not been innovative in our technology and operating procedures, Euromoney TRADEDATA would not be here in its present form today. We recognise the critical importance of freedom and agility to create and sustain value, from humble beginnings to becoming a strategically important vendor. Euromoney TRADEDATA has lived the dream and wants to share its experience for others to benefit from.”

“Euromoney TRADEDATA knows how quickly operating practices and technologies evolve,” added Jean Donnelly, Executive Director of FinTech Sandbox. “I am excited they’ve chosen us to help them share their learnings and experiences – as well as their data – with a new generation of global startups.”

Over 150 startups from around the world have participated in FinTech Sandbox since 2015. Alumni include Kensho (acquired by S&P Global), Sigma Ratings, TellusLabs (acquired by Indigo), and Petal. Companies accepted to the program have raised, in aggregate, more than $400 million.