Data Scientist in Financial Services - A Look at this Evolving Role

Mar 8th, 2017

There’s no doubt that there’s a growing need and reliance on data science in the financial services industry and as a result the role of data scientists within financial firms is becoming increasingly important.

VM Big Bang - Is it as Big as the Industry is Making it Out to Be?

Feb 10th, 2017

The derivatives industry is gearing up for the next big deadline for BCBS/IOSCO margin requirements for non-cleared derivatives despite recent extension.

In this podcast, we speak to Michael Beaton, Managing Partner at Derivatives Risk Solutions (DRS), a specialist risk consultancy, about this deadline, what’s included in the variation margin requirement, and why it’s such a big deal for market participants and the derivatives industry. He also offers advice to listeners for what tasks they should be prioritising now to be ready.

Securities Lending and Repo: Why SWFs and Asset Owners Are in Prime Position to Take Advantage

Jan 26th, 2017

What are the potential  revenue opportunities for sovereign wealth funds in the securities lending and repo markets?

Missed any of our 2016 Podcasts? Listen now!

Dec 18th, 2016

We are taking a break over the holiday period but have some very topical podcasts planned for early 2017 so stay tuned for those. In the meantime, I encourage you to listen to some of the podcasts from 2016 that you may have missed.

If you’re interested in cyber risk the last two podcasts covered this topic. We have also hosted podcasts covering systemic risk of CCPs, Brexit, trends in blockchain technology, swap futures, FRTB and MiFID II.

Risky Business: Geopolitical & Cyber Risk Top Concerns for Financial Institutions

Dec 7th, 2016

Risk in the markets is constant but it is also ever changing and it presents real challenges and concerns for financial institutions. Geopolitical risk and cyber risk were both cited as top risk concerns in DTCC’s recently published Systemic Risk Barometer report.

In this DerivSource podcast, I’m speaking to Mike Leibrock, DTCC’s Chief Systemic Risk Officer, about the results of this report to really shed some light on these risk concerns and to better understand where we go from here.

Cyber Risk - Exploring Proposed Enhanced Risk Management Standards in Recent ANPR

Nov 21st, 2016

Cyber risk remains a mainstay in global news as there is a steady stream of news of website and email hacks. And recently the FDIC, OCC and FRB announced enhanced cyber risk management standards for financial institutions in the form of an advanced notice of proposed rule-making. 

How Can We Make CCPs Safer?

Oct 28th, 2016

The number of CCPs has mushroomed in Europe and in this podcast we’re speaking to Jan Pieter Krahnen, Professor of Finance at Goethe University Frankfurt’s House of Finance and also the Director of the Center for Financial Studies (CFS) and Research Center SAFE. In this podcast. Prof. Krahnen makes the case for a single regulatory body to supervise all competing CCPs as well as the need for a specific regulation and resolution framework for CCPs. 

Brexit - A Look at the Status Quo

Oct 17th, 2016

At DerivSource, we have covered the impending Brexit in podcasts in previous months, but as this is an ever-changing space we are continuing to cover the impact a UK exit from the European Union will have on the financial industry in podcasts and in articles.

More podcasts coming!

Sep 21st, 2016

We are working on some more podcasts on timely topics for our DerivSource listeners and readers. Please stay tuned for new podcasts coming soon and if you want us to cover anything in particular, please email us at editor@derivsource.com

Blockchain - Not a Panacea

Sep 7th, 2016

There is a lot of chatter around blockchain technology and how it could potentially address numerous regulatory and market challenges in the financial industry, and we’ve covered this potential in recent DerivSource podcasts.  However, in this podcast we speak to Axel Pierron of Opimas and author of the recently published report ‘Blockchain in Capital Markets - A Pipe Dream’ about how this new technology shouldn’t been seen as a panacea.

Brexit - A Look at Legal and Regulatory Implications and London's Status as Financial Hub

Aug 10th, 2016

What are the legal & regulatory issues in a post-Brexit derivatives space? We explore in the third part of our Brexit podcast series.

Brexit - Exploring the Possible Impact on OTC Clearing

Jul 28th, 2016

(Part 2 of Brexit Series)

That fallout of Brexit will be far reaching although it is too early to determine the exact impact on the different facets of the derivatives industry. In a DerivSource podcast, Hogan Lovell's Michael Thomas discusses ‘Bremir’ and how a Brexit may impact euro denominated central clearing, CCP equivalency as well as the wider issues of global stress testing. 

Listen to the podcast or read the Q&A

Brexit - The Impact on Recruitment in London (Part 1 of Brexit Series)

Jul 13th, 2016

Although Brexit will alter the face of recruitment in the derivatives industry, changes were already afoot  thanks to a steady stream of regulation, according to Nathan Fuller, managing director of Kite. Not only were new roles being created but the skillsets as well as the way people worked were also shifting. While uncertainty will prevail for the short term, Fuller believes that there will be a variety of post Brexit opportunities for  those wanting to work in the market infrastructure arena.

Blockchain for Bilateral Derivatives: An Expert Weighs In

Jun 21st, 2016

In the last year or so at DerivSource we have explained what smart contracts are, how blockchain technology operates and more recently how this new technology can be used for the post-trade processing of credit default swaps.

Brexit - Will Leaving the EU Create More Red Tape?

Jun 3rd, 2016

The EU referendum and talk of a potential "Brexit" is very much front and centre for the UK currently and this includes the financial serivces sector. Debate is ongoing with various reports being published to explore the potential impact of staying or remaining.

Digital Transformation - What This Means for Investment Banking

May 25th, 2016

GreySpark Partners recently published a report on Digital Transformation of Investment Banking which explores the emerging industrial revolution taking place within the wholesale investment banking business models. In this DerivSource podcast we speak to Saoirse Kennedy, senior consultant at GreySpark about the findings of this report and how digital transformation will impact investment banks in the long-term.

Blockchain and OTC Derivatives - A Look at a Recent Test of this Technology for CDS

May 11th, 2016

Testing blockchain technology with credit default swaps. A look at how the test worked, what it revealed and what's next?

MiFID II: What Does An Effective Programme Look Like? Podcast

Apr 26th, 2016

In this DerivSource podcast, I speak to Jeremy Taylor, Strategy Owner, Capital Markets, at GFT about what constitutes an effective MiFID II programme and where firms really should be in terms of preparing for this very significant new piece of financial regulation.

FRTB - the Impact and Operational Challenges

Apr 11th, 2016

What will the FRTB revisions mean for trading and derivatives?

Swap Futures - are they Failing to Ignite Interest?

Mar 16th, 2016

In this DerivSource podcast we examine if swap futures are failing to ignite interest among the buy side?