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Helen Nicol

Documentation is a big challenge but systems interoperability is the key to a long-term collateral management solution.

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Michael Beaton

DRS’ Michael Beaton explores the recent changes to the VM protocol.

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Joseph Spiro

A look at the benefits and adoption of tri-party collateral management services to create efficiencies in collateral management.

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Eleonore de Vial

What are the tools and techniques buy-side firms are adopting to maximize control of their collateral management?

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Karl Wyborn

A look at where cloud technology can assist financial institutions address collateral management challenges.

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Prof. Jan Piete...

A discussion of the the systemic risk implications of the move towards CCPs, and the need for a single regulatory body to supervise these new entities.

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Michael Beaton

DRS ' Michael Beaton explores relative risks and benefits of inclusion of the legal function within the Senior Manager's Regime (SMR).

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Mark Woodward

Ready for CDS Clearing?

October 6th, 2016

ICE Clear Europe’s Mark Woodward explores where CDS CCP clearing stands today and the challenges market participants face as they prepare for the deadlines next year and beyond.

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Ted Leveroni

Ted Leveroni, Chief Commercial Officer, GlobalCollateral Limited explores

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Michael Beaton

DRS' Michael Beaton explores the recently published ISDA 2016 variation margin protocol.

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James Doyle

Hogan Lovell's James Doyle explores the regulatory and legal issues in the post-Brexit derivatives landscape, and what might happen to London’s status as a dominant financial hub.

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Arthur Rabatin

Arthur Rabatin, of Deutsche Bank, offers a brief introduction to the new BCBS standardized approach for measuring counterparty risk (SA-CCR) and explores some of the implications of adopting this methodology.

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Byron Baldwin

In a commentary article, Eurex Clearing's Byron Baldwin explores if futurisation will take hold of the European swap markets in the near future.

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Alexandre Bon

Why is a regulatory calculation engine is essential for compliance with BCBS's new market and credit counterparty risk requirements?

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Michael Beaton

DRS' Michael Beaton explores.

Time to Get a Handle on Your Financial Contracts


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Michael Beaton

DRS' Michael Beaton explores the recently published ISDA Resolution Stay Jurisdictional Modular Protocol or JMP, which is designed to enable market participants to comply with regulations in a number of jurisdictions.

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Paul Gibson

Tracking and managing new trade reporting requirements are complex and costly.

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Robert van Doorn

Robert van Doorn, of Capital Edge shares lessons learned from his experiences around centralising data and building an operational infrastructure to support the regulatory trade reporting requirements.

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Michael Beaton

DRS' Michael Beaton explores the recently published variation margin credit support annexes (under NY law and English law) to comply with the BCBS/IOSCO Working Group on Margin Requirements (WGMR). 

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What are the challenges firms face in managing bulk novations? A look at how to improve efficiency and manage risks in this process.

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Jeremy Taylor

What does an effective MiFID II programme look like? GFT's Jeremy Taylor discusses how firms should be preparing for this very significant new piece of financial regulation.

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Olivier Grimonpont

What are the top priorities for financial firms as they prepare for bilateral margin rules?

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In October 2011, the European Commission tabled a revision proposal of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) with the aim of making financial markets more efficient, resilient and transparent, and to strengthen the protection of investors.

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Sol Steinberg

OTC subject matter expert Sol Steinberg on where are we at with MiFID implementation as we head into 2016 and deal with the newly delayed timetable

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Thomas Ehmer

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS) recently issued its revised market risk framework which covers the internal models approach for market risk, a revised standardised approach for market risk and a move from VaR to expected shortfall measures of risk under stress. Baringa Partners' Thomas Ehmer offers his views on some key questions arising from this update from BCBS.

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Ricky Maloney

The new clearing mandate is coming. Whether it is April, May or June in 2016, buy-side firms need to register in advance with one or more CCPs and make sure they have the appropriate agreements in place says Eurex Clearing’s Ricky Maloney.

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