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DerivSource is an independent information source and online community for OTC derivatives professionals globally. We provide industry trend analysis, peer commentary and various educational resources via our articles, podcasts, videos and interactive webinars and webcasts.

DerivSource.com launched in early 2008 in the backdrop of an impending financial crisis with the sole aim of providing independent and journalist-led information to derivatives professionals working in an opaque industry.  The focus of DerivSource quickly shifted to cover the rapid transformation of the derivatives market as a result of the financial crisis and introduction of new regulation including Dodd-Frank, EMIR and Basel III in addition to trends in derivatives post-trade processing, CCP clearing, collateral management, risk management and technology.


Today, as a leading online information source, the DerivSource community has over 15,000 members globally who rely on our independent trend analysis, peer commentary and variety of educational resources including interactive webinars and live events to stay informed in this fast paced market.  Our members represent a wide geographical and professional demographic from buy-side and sell-side financial institutions, pension funds, regional banks, asset servicers, law firms, consultancy firms and software vendors.

Moving ahead, DerivSource remains dedicated to its growing community of derivatives professionals and operates as a valuable resource and information portal for our readers.  We will continue to facilitate open discussions and debates amongst our community members with the aim of educating one another and solving problems together.


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Julia Schieffer


Julia Schieffer is a financial journalist specialising in the securities industry, derivatives processing, regulation and technology. Having worked both in the US and UK, Julia has covered all areas within the industry – investment management, capital markets, asset servicing, and solution vendors.

Julia contributes trend analysis and educational articles for DerivSource regularly and is omnipresent within the industry, which ensures DerivSource members get relevant and regular industry insight.  

Prior to founding DerivSource, Julia was managing editor of Operations Management, a publication focused on the securities industry and owned by Institutional Investor News (Euromoney). She has also contributed to other industry publications including Financial News, Markets Media, The Fund Business, and publications at Incisive Media. She is currently as Group Board Member at Women in Listed Derivatives (WILD) in London.

If you have ideas or suggestions an article or topic you would like DerivSource to cover please email Julia at editor@derivsource.com


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